Shadow Box Fence

Looking at the title above, you must be thinking that what a Shadow Box Fence is. So, to begin with, let me first tell you that it has got nothing to do with a box. It is nothing but a semi private kind of a fence that is made by positioning standard privacy fence posts on both the sides of the fence so that there remains adequate amount of space between each post or picket. Here, you should note that there is a board in between each of the pickets on the portion outside of the fence as well as on the inside of the fence. This is the reason that gives rise to the shadow effect.

Important features of the shadow box fence

Talking of shadow box fences, they are generally around 6 feet to 8 feet tall. However, they are not totally private. If you look at them straight then you can’t watch what is there on the other side. But when you have a look from an angle then you will be able to see through it. Though the sight is sort of obstructed, still you can get a clear look that what actually is happening on the other side of the fence. The reason behind this is that these fences are made out of pickets that are placed having a gap of two inches on either side of the fence. You can also see that the spaces are there with pickets on the sides that are on the opposite. This is why you will not be able to have a look through the fence in case you are looking straight at it.

Shadow Box FenceSome of the advantages of these fences

Though these fences are not totally private, they do have some advantages to its credit. All these advantages make them a better choice as compared to the other basic fences that are meant for giving a good amount of privacy. The basic fences have pickets that are butted together with each other. The first advantage of these shadow box fences is that they are awesomely stylish than any other basic fence. So, if you are opting for the shadow box style then you are certainly going to set your fence apart from your neighbors. When you see any other basic privacy fence then they look pretty only from one side but if you have the shadow box style of a fence then they will tend to look beautiful from both the sides; that is from the inside as well as from the outside. Moreover, these fences are able to hold up wind in a much better way and such a thing is not done by any other basic privacy fence. This is possible as the shadow box fences are not solid completely and so wind can pass through them and that also without putting a lot of stress on the fences. The styles of fence that get blown away or get destroyed in a heavy storm are the standard fences.

Some disadvantages of shadow box style of fence

However, the shadow box style fences have certain disadvantages too. As already discussed, these fences are not completely private and as it is most of the wood built fences are like this only. Many people fail to realize that treated wood generally shrinks when it has the time to dry out. So, this means that even though the fence is not showing any gaps in between the pickets at the time when it is first built, still after some amount of time, there are chances that the gaps will be visible. So, for this reason, you will be able to see a lot of action occurring on the other side of the Shadow Box Fence. Because of such a thing, these fences are not so popular in neighborhoods where the houses are close to each other. Another disadvantage is the price of these fences. Yes, these fences are quite costly as compared to its other alternatives. Also, these styles of fences need a good amount of additional material along with a lot of labor to get it built and installed. So, all this really adds up to the cost of these fences.


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